Low cost on board weighing technology

The LOADRITE™ Sprint™ is a smart business investment that provides basic weighing for compact machines, tractors and forklifts. The simple six-key interface makes the Sprint ideal for those who are in a hurry to save money.

By accurately weighing and helping to correctly load products, the LOADRITE Sprint helps to load safely and accurately in operations that don’t need data management capabilities.

Overloading of vehicles is minimized which eliminates lost product, fines and mechanical stress from overloading.

Construction sites and warehouse operations benefit from the time and money saved by moving the right amount of material quickly.

In keeping with smaller machines, the Sprint can support four separate weighing implements, allowing weighing with a selection of pre-calibrated implements of differing sizes, e.g. buckets and forks.


  • Speed up loading - Accurately load the first time by weighing of stationary bucket or forklift loads.
  • Minimize lost product - Load to the correct weight regardless of whether material is wet or dry.
  • Monitor productivity - The running total function allows tracking of total weight loaded over a shift, a week or a month.
  • Promote safety - Weighing each load ensures that trucks are not loaded beyond legal limits and loaders are working within their safe working load.
  • Eliminate overload fines - Prevent overloading by accurately weighing each load.